Best Back To School Basic Needs In Kenya

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The back-to-school period is the year’s second-largest shopping season in Kenya. Several households’ funds might take a significant blow this season of the year as they purchase new backpacks, textbooks, a lengthy list of supplies, and a new attire.

Mwananchi Credit microfinance has your support, if your wallet may need some more padding. To assist you in getting your children’s school requirements, apply for a credit line from us now. Mwananchi Credit also provides reasonable credit cards that allow you to pay for items throughout time without the hazards that other credit card issuers have: exorbitant rates and a slew of disguised or unnecessary fees.

Recall how easy it was to shop for back-to-school supplies? You only needed a box of crayons, pens and pencils, some paper, and a binder to get started! Supply lists are getting longer, more sophisticated, and, of course, more pricey these days. School necessities might be hefty, albeit, with some meticulous planning, you can purchase everything your children require for a much lower price.

Happy Students At School

useful list of back-to-school shopping strategies that can help you save money: 

Prepare to go purchasing five times:

 Don’t buy everything all at once to get the most out of the season’s bargains and clearance events. Intend to make five shopping excursions this season to ensure you obtain the greatest deals.

Stock up;

 Neither, your kids do not require a 90-day supply of No. 2 pencils or five extra pocket-folders on the first day of school. However, if you shop sufficient school essentials now, when costs are low, to last through the first half of the year — or even until June — you’ll end up saving a lot of money.

Reap the benefits of loss leaders; 

Shops will market one product at a super-low price every week during the back-to-school season. This is a loss-leader, a low-cost item that causes investors to fail money on sales. Of course, the low-cost item draws people, so the merchant makes a profit, but all you have to worry about is snatching that crazy pricing. Be sure you don’t miss out on those great bargains!

Boys Needs!

As Christmas festivities come to a close, parents especially for the boy-child try to find the requirement needed for back-to-school. There are a plethora of enjoyable activities to select from. Packages, pencil packets, luncheon bags, pencils/pens, and other items that your lads will like are available. Mwananchi credit makes it easy through personal loans to fend for your boys’ back-to-school needs. We’ve had a lot of fun looking for the best stuff, and here are some of the boys’ favorites or must-haves!

Boy'S Needs Back To School
  • Customised animated backpacks
  • Cartoon-printed pencil cases
  • Car-design oriented lunch bags

Girls Needs!

As opposed to boys, girls have a lot of back-to-school needs starting from personal items to the obvious needs as a student. However, this yearly tradition has the potential to monetarily, operationally, and mentally overwhelm parents. We are here to assist you with practical guidance. A thorough list of all you need to know about the back-to-school purchases is included, as well as a definite list of everything you must buy: 

  • Sanitary towels
  • Roll on
  • Hair accessories
Girls Needs Back To School

For both girls and boys, back-to-school shopping may be a pleasurable activity for you as well as your child, but it can also be a chore. New clothing, sneakers, school supplies, a lunch box, and a bag may all be exciting. Some may just need replacing as they are worn out or your kid has outgrown having such items.

Primary School Students Needs

Primary School Needs

In Kenya, the epidemic has taken away not just school, safety, and health, but also childhood and an opportunity to establish a future for millions of children. Due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) and other circumstances exacerbated by the epidemic, many children have not returned to school. 

The epidemic has worsened previously existing disparities in educational access, particularly among those populations that are susceptible due to financial hardships, geopolitical insecurity, or migration. Primary school students back to school needs are also an arising problem especially with the new school calendar making parents shift their budgets to cater to their kid’s needs.

High Schoolers Needs

With the ongoing strikes and bizarre incidents in high schools, parents have some agonizing pain as they have to pay for the damages as well as their kid’s personal needs. School fees are also a need that gives guardians and parents sleepless nights figuring where they will get it from. Back to school shopping is an essential need as the students are mostly away from home for months. Worry less the Mwananchi Credit financing service is here to cater and way off some burdens from your shoulder with easy loans.

 University and Tertiary Level Students Needs

Back To School For University Students

College students back to school needs are the most hectic essentials to fend for. The students actually end up starting side hustles to cater to their extra needs. The following is required on a daily and monthly basis to survive the tertiary and university levels:

  • House rent
  • Electrical, water and garbage bills
  • Food
  • School needs such as laptops, books, pens, and printing.

The Parents or Guardian Role

Other than school fees and shopping, there is various roles a parent and guardian showcase in a child’s life. When dealing with a difficult parent, it’s important to remember their role in their child’s education so that you can steer them in the right way. Parents’ roles may be classified into three categories: demonstrating support for their child’s education, providing their house a pleasant learning environment, and assisting with homework. A list of ideas for parents has been presented a brief to each issue.

Mwananchi Credit Back To School Loans

Back-to-school season is here, along with the expenditure fever that has made most of us weary of the mad dash to get our children into the classroom. However, there is another option: you may avoid the headache by obtaining low-interest Fee Payment Lending as low as 1.6 percent. With Mwananchi Loans, going to school is a breeze with no pressure for most of us, the school fees fever strikes after the end-of-year celebrations. Mwananchi School Fees Loans, on the other hand, ensures a distinct experience. Yes! You may get a loan in 6 hours if you use your Logbook. So, what exactly are you waiting for?

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