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logbook loans in Nakuru

Logbook loans in Nakuru are on the rise because of the spiraling growth that the town has undergone. Nakuru has become a business hub and the de facto capital of the whole of the Rift Valley region.

You can now apply for logbook loans in Nakuru with Mwananchi credit limited and you will be served in either our Eldoret or Nairobi branches. Just like other logbook loans- we have scraped off some of the obligations that would make your application tough! Read more to understand why you should apply!

Get Logbook loans in Nakuru

A logbook loan is a loan given to vehicle owners against their valid car logbooks.

Mwananchi credit offers logbook loans in Nakuru with our agents ready to serve any client. Our logbook loans are issued in just 6 hours making sure a client’s financial needs are catered for in good time.

Nakuru residents can also apply for logbook loans in Nairobi branches or our neighboring Eldoret and Kisumu branches.

Motorbike logbook loans in Nakuru

Motorbike logbook loans in Nakuru have become a huge financing market evidenced by the rapid increase in motorbikes in Nakuru town. Mwananchi credit offers motorbike loans in Nakuru for everyone who is looking for motorbike financing.

To apply for motorbike loans in Nakuru, you just need a deposit of Ksh 15,000 then choose a payment method that allows you to make payments daily or weekly.

Just like in Nakuru, motorbike logbook loans in Kisumu have also grown in the city synonymous with boda boda transport. Our loans rates are very flexible since we believe in investing in people!

We are leading logbook finance credit company in Nakuru with a couple of awards which we were voted from all over the country. This is the reason you should trust us to deliver your next dream!

Mwananchi Logbook loans in Nakuru

Mwananchi logbook loans in Nakuru are issued at the lowest interest rates in the markets from just 1.5% and with a stretched repayment period of up to 48 months.

To apply for Mwananchi logbook loans in Nakuru you need your

  • Original identification card
  • Bank or mpesa statements (Not a mandatory for this covid season)
motorbike logbook loans in Nakuru
  • A valid logbook,
  • KRA pin
  • A filled loan agreement form from Mwananchi Credit

Logbook loans in Kenya- Nakuru County

Logbook loans in Nakuru county have become popular over the years with the growth of vehicle owners in the country.

Mwananchi credit logbook loans in Kenya have become especially preferred by lenders because of the convenience and affordability.


Can I take out a loan on a car I own?

You can apply for a loan against a car you own if you have a valid logbook and bank and or mpesa statements that support the amount requested. Mwananchi credit can offer logbook loans in Kenya of up to Ksh 25 Million. Though this is off for this period after a review by management to support the small and middle sized business in Covid-19 season.

Do banks give loans on car titles?

Both banks and microfinance institutions like Mwananchi credit can give a loan against a logbook. Mwananchi credit is the most affordable in issuing loans in Nairobi and all over Kenya with an interest rate of just 1.5%.

Can I get a logbook loan with outstanding finance?

If you are servicing another loan, you can still be eligible to use your logbook to get a Mwananchi logbook loan in Kenya. You can also apply for a buy-off of the logbook loan if you applied for a loan in a different financial institution.

Can I get a logbook loan online in Nakuru?

You can apply for a logbook loan online in Nakuru by visiting the Mwananchi credit website. Our Valuers will value the car within the hour after which you can sign documentation with our agents and money will be disbursed in 6 hours.

Apply for a Logbook Loan in Nakuru with Mwananchi Credit and get up to Ksh 25 Million with a repayment period of up to 48 months in just 6 hours.

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