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Mitsubishi rvr

Mitsubishi rvr is a compact car made in Japan by Mitsubishi Motors. The first one was manufactured in 1991 before the company went on break and came back in 2010. The two generations of Mitsubishi rvr are multi-purpose and some of the best SUVs you can find in the market.

The initials RVR stand for Recreational Vehicle Runner, and they have become popular with youthful buyers thanks to their convenient and spacious passenger cabin and sliding doors. The Mitsubishi rvr is timeless with some outstanding off-road characteristics that allow buyers to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

Mitsubishi rvr in Kenya

The Mitsubishi rvr car has gained popularity in Kenya for some good reasons. It is one of the common vehicles you will find in car sale yards all over the country and a favorite to many Kenyans. It comes with a strong engine and magnificent interiors combined with great performance. If you are considering Mitsubishi rvr Kenya, you should know several things about this car.

This vehicle had gone out of the market and made a comeback in 2010. They released their first model for the second generation in 2011. In Kenya, Mitsubishi RVR targeted families living in urban areas or looking for a vehicle that can go off-road sometimes. This vehicle comes in many models over the years, but its value and quality have remained the same.

The car is not overpriced and always offers something unique whether bought as new or secondhand. If you are looking forward to buying a Mitsubishi rvr, you should know more about the various models available in the market. They include:

Mitsubishi rvr 2014

The Mitsubishi rvr is a beautiful car. Though not as big as the Outlander, it accommodates five passengers comfortably. It has the same engine in the Lancer, known as 2.0L dual, which develops up to 148 horsepower. It also gives you a 5-speed manual choice and the variable transmission combined with manual mode.

Mitsubishi rvr 2016

The Mitsubishi rvr 2016 is a classy vehicle and an upscale design, including folding mirrors and integrated LRD signal lights, unique colors, and wheel lip mouldings. It has a high roof, which gives a rugged look but still beautiful. Besides, the high roof increases its ground clearance, enhancing the vehicle’s ability to move on beaten paths.

Most buyers do not find the Mitsubishi rvr 2016 cockpit amazing because it has a common look. However, it does feel expensive. The controls are easy with the infotainment system with a touchscreen. It has small buttons, and when the vehicle is in motion, the on-screen functions lockout, which is quite frustrating.

Mitsubishi rvr 2019

The Mitsubishi 2019 comes with style and great value for customers. It also has seven trim levels, including an all-wheel, panoramic glass roof. It has two engines, one is 2.0 liters, and 2.4 liters of four-cylinder engines and they produce 148 and horsepower respectively. When you choose the bigger engine, paddle shifters are added by the automatic transmission.

Mitsubishi rvr 2020

The Mitsubishi rvr 2020 is the latest model of rvr versions from Mitsubishi. It is a smallish vehicle but comes with great features such as spacious storage and passenger sitting areas. The best thing about it is the redesigned taillights and headlights, extra chrome and new paint colors.

Even with the latest styles and upgrading of 2020 rvr, it still has the same Mitsubishi rvr engines since 2011. The only thing that the manufacturer did is sprucing up this model. Even buyers are required to pay extra more to drive this RVR version.

Mistibushi rvr review Kenya

Mitsubishi RVR offers an excellent option for families or individuals looking for an SUV with safety and top reliability ratings. So far, it has many positive reviews, especially regarding its spacious interior. This small size SUV comes with a 1.8-liter engine, which is reliable and robust.

Most vehicle owners are looking for vehicles that can function in both urban and rural areas, and the Mitsubishi rvr suits this description perfectly. The 4WD options enable the car to navigate in rural areas. When looking for one in the market in Kenya, but from a vetted dealer and reliable auto loan provider like Mwananchi Credit.

Mitsubishi Rvr Vs Mazda Cx 5

Mitsubishi rvr and Mazda Cx are both popular SUVs in Kenya. However, despite being two great vehicles, they have some differences. They include:

The Mitsubishi is more affordable than Mazda Cx 5. It also comes with good electric motoring with less noise on the road. However, Mazda Cx 5 is more stylish, with a gorgeous interior finish. The RVR comes with a small fuel tank and is cheaper to run than a Cx 5. Both have great ability to run off the road and are classy cars with a firm ride.

Mitsubishi rvr problems

Mitsubishi has gained a reputation over the years, but this vehicle is not perfect. It has a few shortcomings that include:

  • Rough ride
  • Consumes fuel at a high rate
  • Comes with a small fuel tank

Mitsubishi Rvr Reliability

Mitsubishi rvr is highly reliable. The manufacturer gives buyers a warranty that lasts longer than what other manufacturers in the industry offer. The vehicle’s power training lasts up to 10 years, making it a vehicle that a buyer can rely on. Besides, the following features are straightforward:

Mitsubishi rvr oil change

This Mitsubishi uses special oil known as Mitsubishi Genuine Full Synthetic 0W-20. Experts formulate the oil to protect your vehicle from corrosion while reducing wear and tear of the engine and prevent the formation of deposits such as sludge.

Mitsubishi rvr engine capacity

The Mitsubishi engine comes is between 1,798 and 2,350 cc. The engine is strong and gives the vehicle great performance when moving. However, fuel consumption is not one of the greatest highlights of the rvr.

Mitsubishi rvr fuel consumption

The fuel consumption of this Mitsubishi is around 25 mpg. This includes the rvr versions with smaller engines. But in general, these vehicles tend to consume fuel at a high rate compared to other SUVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mitsubishi rvr a good car?

Yes, Mitsubishi is a good car. It may have some drawbacks but comes with pros such as amazing driving and excellent performance. It is an ideal choice for families and youthful drivers, thanks to its great features.

What does rvr stand for in Mitsubishi?

RVR stands for Recreational Vehicle Runner. Mitsubishi created the vehicle when Japan was experiencing an economic boom, which enabled them to make great sales.

What models does Mitsubishi make?

Mitsubishi makes many different models apart from RVR, and they include:

  • Outlander
  • Mirage G4
  • Eclipse Cross
  • Triton
  • Outlander PHEV
  • Xpander

How many models does Mitsubishi have?

Mitsubishi has over 50 models that it has manufactured since it was established.

Are Mitsubishi cars good quality

Yes, Mitsubishi vehicles are of good quality only that they face tough competition from Toyota and Honda in Kenya.


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