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Nissan Tiida

Nissan Tiida for sale in Kenya

Nissan Tiida is a compact motor vehicle from the renowned automotive producer Nissan based in Japan. Nissan began Tiida production in the year 2004 as a replacement of three popular Nissan models, the sunny, Sentra, and pulsar.

The Nissan Tiida is a popular vehicle on Kenyan roads and has been revered for its fuel efficiency and low vehicle maintenance cost. Read more about this Nissan model and how you can get financing to realize your business dream.

Nissan Tiida price in Kenya

The popularity of this Nissan model has meant you can find the Nissan Tiida for sale across the country. Popular vehicle car yards stock the Tiida as one of the most popular models. You can compare the prices for this Nissan on sites for better deals from sites such as like pigiame or Jiji.

The Nissan Tiida price ranges based on a variety of factors namely; the year of manufacture, the mileage of the vehicle, where it was bought from and the general condition of the car at the time of purchase.

The foreign used models are more expensive than the locally used models and can go from Kshs 700,000 up to Kshs 900,000 for the latest models. The locally used ones on the other hand go from Kshs 400,000 up to Kshs 600,000.

Nissan Tiida hatchback

The Nissan Tiida hatchback is the prominent of the two shapes. Many buyers have found it more spacious with more trunk space to carry more load, unlike the sedan version.

Nissan Tiida hatchback price in Kenya

The price of the Tiida Hatchback depends on the year of manufacture, mileage, and state of the vehicle at the time of purchase. You can buy a 2008 Tiida from as low as Kshs 400,000 while latest models in Kenya like the 2013 and 2014 models going for up to Kshs 800,000.

Nissan Tiida Latia

Nissan Tiida Latio is the sedan version of the original Tiida that is less popular than the hatchback version. The Latio is a 4-door sedan that maintains the same specifications as the Hatchback with the only difference coming in the shape.

Nissan Tiida for sale in Mombasa

Mombasa being the port city in Kenya receives an influx of motor vehicles every day as most of the African countries depend on the port for import. Nissan is one of the most popular vehicle models in Kenya and can be found in large percentage of car yards in Mombasa.

The variety in Mombasa means one can get a Tiida for sale in Mombasa at a slightly lower price than one would in any other cities like Nairobi, Kisumu, or even Eldoret.

Mwananchi Credit Limited has offices at Jubilee arcade in Mombasa to give financial assistance to all those who want Import financing for their vehicles. One only needs to pay a 20% deposit and Mwananchi credit will clear the vehicle for you in just 6 Hours.

Nissan Tiida Latio for sale in Kenya

The Tiida Latio, just like its hatchback counterpart, is sold all over the country. The Latio price also depends on the Mileage and the year of manufacture. Locally used Latio models are slightly more affordable than fresh imports from Japan, for instance, a Nissan Latio imported from Japan can go for around 750,000 for a 2012 model while the same vehicle that has been used locally going for around Kshs 600,000.

Nissan Tiida specs

The Tiida is a 5 seat and 5 door sedan with a top speed of up to 186km/hr. while maintaining a stable and efficient performance.

The boxy body also makes the vehicle very spacious with a good amount of legroom for both the driver and the passengers.

Nissan Tiida fuel consumption

The Nissan is fitted with a 1300cc 4-speed automatic engine. This makes the Tiida one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on Kenyan roads.

The economy hatchback consumes just 8.9 liters per 100Km and produces 110 horsepower with 147 Nm of torque.

Nissan Tiida 1300cc

This Tiida runs on a 1300cc engine with recent models going up to 1500 cc. The economy engine has been lauded for its efficiency while still maintaining a high level of performance on the roads.

Nissan Tiida problems

This Nissan has forged its name as one of the most reliable vehicle models on Kenyan roads, however, there are a couple of common problems like Deterioration of the inflator propellant, leaking rubber seals and acceleration problems on models that are not serviced often.

Nissan Tiida review Kenya

Nissan Tiida 2014

This Nissan 2014 model is currently the latest model on the Kenyan market. The 2014 model comes with either the 1300 cc or the 1500 cc engine. This Tiida model also comes with a facelift and features xenon lights and Alloy wheels.

Nissan Tiida sedan

The Nissan comes in two shapes; you can buy either the 5-door hatchback or the 4-door sedan. The only difference between the hatchback and sedan is the shape and the doors.

Nissan Tiida vs Nissan note

Tiida is bigger in size compared to the Nissan Note which is much smaller. The Tiida also has a 1300 cc engine while the Note has a 1200 cc engine. Both vehicles are however very fuel-efficient with the difference only coming in body and engine sizes.


Is the Nissan Tiida a good car?

It is a great car especially for people living in cities with traffic jams. The Tiida is easy to maintain and spare parts are very easy to come by and at very affordable prices.

Is the Nissan Tiida fuel efficient?

The Tiida is a very efficient car with the 1300 cc engine consuming just 8.9 liters of fuel for every 100Km.

Is the Nissan Tiida a safe car?

It has passed the safety test on Kenyan roads with very reliable security features and 2 great airbags.

Does a Nissan Tiida have a cambelt?

It does not have a cambelt but uses a timing chain instead in the engine.

What does Tiida mean?

Tiida is a Japanese term of the Okinawan dialect that means “Sun”.

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