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Suzuki Cars in kenya

The Suzuki Alto is among the most affordable cars in Kenya and accompanies various benefits, making it suitable for most drivers. Besides being economical, it is efficient and an excellent type of vehicle to use as a family car. Despite being cheap, buying the Suzuki Alto 800 can become problematic, hence the need to find practical means to purchase it without affecting your finances. This is where car financing comes in handy to help you own the Suzuki trouble-free.

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Though the Suzuki Alto is a small vehicle, it is comfy and enables you to drive long distances with smaller amounts of fuel. Though the Suzuki price is lower than other cars, considering car financing is crucial because you can readily manage your finances. That said, here is what to know about the Suzuki and where to apply for car financing in Kenya.

Suzuki Alto 800

First introduced in 1979, the Suzuki Alto is available in different countries worldwide, and Kenya is no different. Other models have flooded the Kenyan market, with the Suzuki 800 becoming among the most sought by drivers. It is the seventh generation series of the Suzuki Alto introduced in 2012.

With several Suzuki Alto 800 for sale in Kenya, most people will consider it a priority, especially with its low cost of replacement, maintenance, and fuel-efficiency. If you are looking to own this vehicle, paying the full amount can become a hassle. Here at Mwananchi Credit Limited, we offer car financing solutions to all car makes and models, including the Suzuki Alto 2020.

Suzuki Alto Specs

The Suzuki comes with a petrol-propelled 796 cc engine available in a 5-speed automated manual transmission engine. It has a hatchback body type vehicle with a five-seat capacity and a boot size of up to 177 liters. Other key features include power steering, wheel cover, anti-lock brake system, air conditioning, airbags for driver and passenger, and front power windows.

Suzuki Alto for Sale in Kenya

When looking to purchase a Suzuki Alto in Kenya, you’ll find several car dealers offering different Alto cars at distinctive costs. The variation in the Suzuki Alto price in Kenya often occurs due to the vehicle’s year of make, and either it new or used. With Alto cars being considered among the most affordable vehicles in Kenya, you may need assistance owning one.

Mwananchi Credit offers car financing solutions to different people looking to purchase Suzuki cars without compromising their finances. It also favors individuals without the total amount to pay for the vehicle. At Mwananchi Credit, the vehicle in question acts as collateral while you continually repay the amount borrowed within the specified timeframe. The best thing is that you get to drive your new car when settling your debt.

Get Fast Car Financing Services in Kenya

Sometimes, you need to own the Suzuki Alto 800 or any other Alto model sooner and enjoy driving down the road. If you have inadequate funds or need to organize your finances and pay periodically, get quick can financing services from Mwananchi Credit. Here, you don’t have to wait any longer as the lender offers a higher amount of loans approved within 6 hours.

Regardless of the Suzuki alto price in Mombasa, Nairobi, or Kisumu, you are guaranteed any car financing amount to own the car. Besides, we have a flexible repayment plan of up to 24 months to repay the loan comfortably. Available at competitive interest rates, our car financing products are suitable for everyone looking for lenders in the industry.

New Alto 800

Typically, used Suzuki Alto 800 cars tend to be cheaper than the new Alto 800, making it even harder for people to purchase them. Most people search ‘Suzuki Alto price Nairobi’ when looking to familiarize themselves or buy the car at the right price. Still, the new Alto 800, including the Suzuki Alto K10 price in Kenya remains high for most looking to own this type of car.

With car financing, you can readily acquire the new Suzuki Alto for sale and seamlessly pay for it within a given period. Mwananchi Credit, therefore, enables you to access essential and fast cash to pay for the vehicle while repaying the debt within a given period. More so, you get a better chance of organizing your finances as you repay the loan at reduced interest rates.

Request A Callback

When considering any Suzuki for sale, the manufacturer allows you to request a callback if you find problems with the car. This ensures you get a vehicle that is in good condition, functions correctly, and meets the standards. Request a callback is a form in which you can request your seller or manufacturer to recall the car to rectify any emerging technical problems.

It is an excellent approach, mainly when you apply for car financing and need to pay for a vehicle that is worth it. Though the Suzuki alto cc is lower than other cars, you need to get an adequate drive to maneuver effectively through Kenyan roads. With callbacks on Suzuki alto cars, you get an assurance of buying the perfect vehicle that is of value to your money.

Bottom Line

With Suzuki Alto gaining popularity in Kenya, most people buy them because they are cheap and economical. But when you lack adequate funds to pay for the car, getting car financing services from reputable lenders becomes the best option. Mwananchi Credit hence stands out as the leading micro-finance and most preferred car financing company in Kenya. Apply for car financing today and start driving now!

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