Terms & Conditions Referral Program



  1. Mwananchi Credit  Refer and Earn Offer is available until 30th June 2024.
  2. “Friend, Colleague or family member” refers to known friends, family members, workmates with whom you have a close friendship, personal or family relationship which includes direct, voluntary, two-way communications, and who has confirmed that they want to receive the communication. Each time you make a referral, you represent and warrant to us that you have a close personal or family relationship (as defined above) with the individual that you refer that complies with these terms.


  1. The Offer is available to all Mwananchi Credit Clients who meet the following conditions :
    a. “Referrer”: A individual who has ever borrowed from Mwananchi Credit since inception who refers a friend, colleague, or family member by filling in this form.
    b. “Referral”: A New Client who has been referred by the Referrer


  1. Referral Bonus- 3% of the Loan Amount will be paid to each Referrer provided all conditions set out in these Terms and Conditions are met.
  2. For the Referrer to earn the Referral Bonus, the Referral must complete the following actions (“All Actions”):
    a. Apply for a loan from Mwananchi Credit,
    b. Successfully meet the requirements of the loan, and
    c. A loan is disbursed to the account in his/her names
  3. Referral Bonus will only be deposited to your Mpesa Account after Filling in A Referral Bonus Form. 
  4. Referrers have no limit on the number of referrals they can share with Mwananchi Credit
  5. Refer and Earn Program will run till 30th June 2024.