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toyota v8

Toyota V8 is a beautiful vehicle and one of the most reassured vehicles in Kenya. It comes with class and elegance and amazing performance.  This vehicle is 16.2 feet long and its weight ranges between 5715 and 5815 ponds. This usually depends on configuration. It is a product from Toyota and over the years, this SUV has been refined and reinforced to make it better. All the new versions are big off-road SUVs and they were launched in Middle East.

The legendary Toyota V8 is strong with durable construction. It made for both urban and rural areas roads. The 200 Series got into the market in 2007 and marked the introduction of this luxurious vehicle. It was followed by the 300, which has new V6 engines, redesigned suspension and automatic gearbox with a 10-speed.

Toyota V8

Key Features Toyota v8 2020

High quality and durability

The Toyota v8 land Cruiser has robust build, which makes the ideal car to tackle even the most challenging terrains. They include mount ranges and dessert tracks. It not only comes with strong engine, V8 has a solid body made of noise cancelling materials that ensure passengers are protected and comfortable regardless of how tough the drive is.


Toyota v8 2021 makes it easy to overcome obstacles when driving. It comes with Multi-Terrain Monitor that allows a clear vision of the road and surroundings. This is combined with the steering wheel angle display and Multi-Terrain Select enable you to drive on off road tracks with grueling obstacles.

Strong and sophisticated

Toyota v8 in Kenya is a respected vehicle, thanks to its genuine strength, elegant exterior design, and exceptional functionality along with high level of comfort.

The Engine

When looking for Toyota v8 Land Cruiser for sale, you should know all about the vehicle’s engine. It has a 5.7 liters V8 engine, which produces torque of 401 pound feet and 381 horsepower. This is combined with 4-wheel drive 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine allows you to drive around in a busy city and still drive at a high speed on the highways effortlessly. It accelerates fast and the throttle responds rapidly. Most part of driving Toyota v8 defaults to high gears, which is an advantage because it saves fuel. But transmission shift is smooth and instant making it an easy vehicle to drive.

Gas Mileage

The latest Toyota v8 2021 comes with amazing features. However, it may not have the best mileage because it’s rated 17 mpg for highway driving and 13 mpg for the city. It is a luxury SUV and hence the mileage. The Toyota v8 cc is worth every coin because the vehicle has advanced features that you cannot find in its competitors.

Riding and handling

Toyota v8 in Kenya ensures you a smooth ride on the highways and off road.  It comes with on-road driving dynamics with highly responsive but lightly weighted steering. If you want to feel its largeness, drive at a low speed, but even at high speed, the brakes are give you strong stopping power. However, it can sway when making round turns and may not fit in some city parking spaces. Besides, the suspension tends to get jittery due to low-speed bumps and potholes.

Off-road performance

Whether you are driving a Toyota v8 2018 or2021, this vehicle holds off road trails perfectly. It can move articulately on rocks and ditches. It has a solid 4-wheel drive system that does not lose grip even on lose surfaces.  All v8 models come with tow hooks, all-terrain tires, craw controls for low speeds, skid plates, double speed transfer with both low and high range gearing and Toyota’s Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System.

Towing Capacity

The latest Toyota v8 2021has the ability to tow as much as 8100 pounds; but it has to be properly equipped.


The Toyota v8 Land Cruiser is highly reliable. It reliability rating is 4 out of 5.


You are guaranteed a limited warranty of three years, which is about 36,000 miles and a power train warranty of five years 60,000 miles by Toyota.

How much is Toyota v8 in Kenya

Toyota v8 Land Cruiser price matches its quality.  The starting price of a Toyota v8 Land Cruiser in Kenya is about Kshs 22,640,000. It is one of the most expensive vehicles and comes with higher price tag than majority of its rivals.

The best thing is that you can always check for great deals from Toyota Kenya deals page. Toyota v8 price in Kenya shillings should not scare you. Mwananchi Credit is available to finance and help you buy your dream car.  After getting one, you should insure it in the best way possible. The cost of insuring Toyota v8 in Kenya depends on driving experience, gender, credit score and location. Check for the best deals without going too low; this is an expensive vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Toyota cars have a v8 engine?

The Toyota V8 Land Cruiser and Toyota Tundra have v8 engines. This gives them excellent performance on the road.

Are v8 faster than v6

Yes, v8 is faster than v6. It has eight cylinders divided in two sets. V8 produces a lot of power and accelerates at a high rate. The only drawback is that v8 engines tend to consume more fuel than v6 engines due to the additional cylinders.

Is Toyota getting rid of the v8?

2022 Toyota Land Cruiser will not have the V8 engine. It is major change, but definitely good developments for those have been driving Toyota V8 since its invention.

Is Toyota a muscle car?

Toyota is a strong car. The original muscle car made in Japan was the Bond, 200GT and lives on forever. Some of the modern ones include Toyota Supra and Toyota Celica.

Should I buy a v6 or v8 truck?

If you are looking for a fuel economic vehicle, go for a v6. It is ideal for city shopping and light duty driving. However, if you want a tough vehicle to haul and tow, V8 is the best choice.

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