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logbook loans in Kenya

Logbook loans in Kenya have become a convenient financing option for all vehicle owners in the country. With the rising number of vehicle owners, there has become a need to get financing using their vehicles.

Mwananchi credit offers logbook loans in Kenya in just 6 hours and we can lend up to Kshs 25 Million at the most affordable interest rate in the market from just 1.5%.

Get logbook loans in Kenya today

To apply for logbook loans in Kenya you can visit Mwananchi Credit branches all over the country; we currently have branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret & Thika.

You can also visit our website or contact us and we will begin the logbook loan process which will be completed in just 6 short hours.

Best Logbook Loans in Kenya

Mwananchi credit offers the best logbook loans in Kenya at the most affordable rate in the whole of the credit industry. Our interest rates start from just 1.5% and we are also the biggest lenders in terms of borrowing amounts allowing up to Kshs 25 Million.

Our 6 hours turnaround time as well as our long loan repayment period of up to 48 months has made Mwananchi credit known for the best logbook loans in Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu, and all other areas where we have branches.

Just like in Nakuru, Mwananchi Credit also offers logbook loans in Eldoret to serve the growing Rift Valley region and its surrounding towns.

How to get a car loan in Kenya

Many people have grappled with the question of how to get a car loan in Kenya and Mwananchi credit has been at the forefront to offer the best car loans in Kenya.

To apply for a car loan in Kenya, you can visit Mwananchi credit branches all over the country. Our car loans are convenient as we have come up with a three-step process to make it as fast as possible.

We start with valuation, which is done within an hour, documentation; which is the provision of required documents and filling of forms which typically take up to 3 hours, and then Disbursement; where money is deposited into your account.

Car logbook loans in Kenya

car logbook loans in Kenya

Car logbook loans in Kenya can be applied by anyone who owns a vehicle with a valid logbook. This includes commercial vehicles like buses, lorries, vans, and also personal vehicles.

Mwananchi credit offers car logbook loans in Kenya with the fastest processing time in the market at just 6 hours. The loans can be repaid in up to 48 months.

People with multiple vehicles can also apply for car logbook loans in Kenya by using many logbooks to get even more financing. This can help you expand your business.

Motorbike Logbook Loans in Kenya

Motorbike loans in Kenya have become a huge market with the rapid growth of the boda boda industry in the country. The sector has become an integral part of the transportation systems, especially in urban cities.

Mwananchi Credit offers financing options for people interested in motorbike loans in Kenya and has already rolled out the program for motorbike loans in Mombasa.

To apply for motorbike loan financing, one needs to pay a deposit of Ksh 15,000 after which you get a repayment period of up to 18 months with a choice of making payments weekly or on a daily basis.

Logbook Loans Companies in Kenya

There are currently lots of companies offering logbook loans in Kenya making the credit space very competitive. Many customers however prefer lenders who are convenient, transparent, and affordable.

The award winning Mwananchi credit has positioned itself as the best in offering car logbook loans in Kenya. It has been awarded as the best logbook loans financier in the country for two years in a row at the automotive awards.

Logbook Loans in Nairobi

Logbook loans in Nairobi have become a phenomenon owing to the fact that the city has the highest number of vehicles per capita than any other town in Kenya.

Mwananchi credit offers logbook loans in Nairobi in our three branches located in the Nairobi CBD; EcoBank Towers and pension towers. Our Thika and Kitengela branches also support our branches in the CBD to offer logbook loans in Nairobi.

Logbook loans in Thika and Kitengela are also on the rise with the satellite towns experiencing a massive growth curve as more people are getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the serenity of the outskirts.

You can apply for the logbook loans in Kenya and get your loan in just 6 hours!

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