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logbook loans in Nairobi

Logbook loans in Nairobi can be quite a struggle to find. This is because the number of prospect vehicle owners in the city has drastically grown opening a high need for logbooks. Nairobi is home to 4.3 Million people with scarce finance providers, making it a challenge for one to find the best logbook finance company with affordable rates.

Mwananchi credit offers the most affordable and convenient logbook loans in Nairobi making it the most preferred logbook loan lender for 2 years in a row, at the automotive awards.

Get Logbook Loans in Nairobi

Mwananchi credit logbook loans are very convenient to apply for with an easy three-step process to guarantee you get your loan in just 6 hours.

The process starts with valuation, where your car is valued in less than an hour, then documentation, where the client fills in the paper work and finally disbursement, where money is deposited in the clients account.

The whole process takes 6 hours making Mwananchi credit the most convenient in offering logbook loans in Nairobi giving up to 80% of the value of the vehicle with a repayment period of up to 48 Months.

Logbook Loans

A logbook loan is issued against a vehicle logbook. These loans are issued fast to cover for unplanned for emergencies. Mwananchi credit is the best logbook loan provider in Nairobi and also the most affordable in terms of interest rates.

Logbook Loans in Kenya

Mwananchi credit offers logbook loans across the country in its 8 branches. The branches are located in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Eldoret, Thika and Kitengela.

For anyone looking to apply for logbook loans in Nairobi and its environs, the process is even faster and in less than 6 hours the money is deposited in the account.

Loans on Logbooks in Nairobi

Emergencies have always been a part of life and solving them has often led to financial strain. With this in mind, Mwananchi credit has enabled people to apply for loans on their logbooks in Nairobi and all areas where we have our branches.

Logbook Loans Nairobi

logbook loans nairobi

Mwananchi credit has 2 branches in Nairobi CBD and 2 More in surrounding towns like Kitengela and Thika to cater for people looking for logbook loans in Nairobi.

The loans can be issued for both personal vehicles and even commercial vehicles to assist people in business with financing in just 6 hours.

The repayment period for the logbook loans is up to 48 Months, giving people ample time to service their facility without a big strain.

Loans on Logbook

At Mwananchi credit you can apply for loans on logbooks from Ksh 100,000 to up to Ksh 25 Million. This makes us the biggest lenders in terms of amount you can be able to borrow, the fastest in terms of processing and also the most affordable in terms of interest rates.

Logbook loans in Nairobi FAQ

Can I get a Loan on Bad Credit?

Yes, Mwananchi credit can offer logbook loans on bad credit.

When applying for a logbook loan we don’t consider CRB status meaning even people who are listed in the CRB can be able to get logbook loans in Nairobi.

Can I get out of a logbook loan?

You can decide to get out of a logbook loan by clearing the current balance in your account and your logbook will be released to you.

Do logbook loans do credit checks

When applying for a logbook loan we check the client’s ability to pay by checking bank account and Mpesa statements. However, we still lend to people listed in the CRB.

Can I get a logbook loan online?

Mwananchi credit offers logbook loans online and the loans are disbursed in just 6 hours. Fill the form and get your now.

Can I borrow against my vehicle?

Anyone with a valid logbook can borrow against their vehicle. This includes both personal cars and commercial vehicles.

Where can I get a loan with poor credit?

Mwananchi credit can issue loans for people with poor credit as long as the bank statements and or the mpesa statements support the ability to pay.

Do Mwananchi Logbook loans do credit checks?

Credit checks are necessary for all credit institutions, however Mwananchi credit does not consider CRB listing when giving loans because there are people who might be listed but have great financials.

Can I get a logbook if my car is finance?

When you apply for car financing at Mwananchi credit, the logbook remains with the financier until completion of the loan tenure after which the logbook is then released to the vehicle owner.

Apply for logbook loans in Nairobi and get upto 25,000,000 million now!

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