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Mitsubishi Canter

Mitsubishi Canter vehicles are some of the most sought Mitsubishi models in Kenya. This light-duty commercial vehicle is a Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation product, a company based in Japan. The first canter was made in 1963, and the current one is their eighth generation. The name canter means a horse gait in English and refers to its outstanding nature just like other Mitsubishi trucks.

Mitsubishi Canter is rugged, safe, and versatile and has remained a legend in Kenya’s light cargo transport industry. The truck is configurable for any light-duty application. It is a strong vehicle built to give you maximum efficiency. You can easily find a Mitsubishi canter 4d32 for sale in Kenya or any other model.

Mitsubishi Canter Specifications and how you can get financing

Diesel Canter

Diesel canters are the favorite of most Kenyans. When looking for a Mitsubishi canter for sale in Kenya, you will easily find one with a diesel engine. Diesel fuel is cheaper and quite efficient. These trucks are more powerful than gas-powered ones and work perfectly even under pressure. Diesel produces a lot of energy and allows you to drive for a long distance without refilling the tank.

Gas Powered Canter

A gas-powered canter is the best if you are looking for a commercial truck. It is readily available in the market and the most affordable if you want to have a fleet. This vehicle is also easier to maintain, and you less about a clogged engine. Besides, the gasoline Mitsubishi canter engine is not as noisy as the diesel engine; make sure you check oil and fuel levels frequently, and you good to go.



eCanter All Electric

The e-cater is one of the innovative products from Mitsubishi. It comes with a modular HV battery pack. It also has a non-replaceable synchronous e-motor that gives up to 185 kW and strong torque. This canter is also has a comfortable and stylish interior equipped with 12 inches digital displays, keyless push ignition. In general, it’s an easy-to-operate vehicle, emission-free, and a silent engine. It is friendly to the environment and perfect for urban use.


Fuso FE130

The FUSO FE130 is a readily available Mitsubishi canter for sale in Kenya. It is a transport vehicle that suits most industries. It comes with two-stage diesel-powered, low emission, and turbocharged engine combined with automatic transmission thanks to the dual-clutch. As a result, it offers higher load capacity, increased driver’s productivity, fuel savings, and enhanced efficiency.

Above all, it comes with a limited warranty of five years or 175,000 miles power train, which guarantees the durability of this Fuso canter. This canter is perfect for medium-duty tasks for jobs such appliances, office supplies, air cargo, and package delivery services. Mitsubishi canter’s price in Kenya is not low but worth every cent, making it a common vehicle in the country.

If you choose to buy any Mitsubishi canter 3.5 tonnes for sale, you are assured a comfortable cab with an ergonomically and classically designed interior. The stowage is spacious, and driver’s areas are comfortable from morning to evening. The windshield is panoramic, and the driver-to-ground sightline is six feet, which gives you clear vision of what is ahead.


FE140 is also referred to as the urban operator. It is easy to use in a city with a load capacity of up to 8,750 pounds. It can move along the narrow streets quickly, and the driver sits in a comfortable, ergonomically designed cab. It is a unique gasoline-powered Fuso Canter with various power take capabilities.

This Mitsubishi canter 3 ton has V8.OL gasoline engine that is cheaper to maintain and saves fuel. It maneuvers in the streets with ease and still has great speed for the highways. Besides, the FE140 has plenty of safety features for passengers and the driver. Mwananchi Credit as an investor in people- feels you deserve to be safe.

FE160 Crew Cab

Fuso FE160 Crew Cab guarantees you agility and comfort. It is a great addition to any business that requires the movement of light goods. It has a two-stage turbo charge, diesel engine with dual-clutch. You benefit from low fuel consumption while preserving the environment.

This Mitsubishi canter for sale in Mombasa comes with a five-year limited warranty. It is a durable vehicle for construction, landscaping, and other businesses that require delivery services. The cab is spacious, and up to seven people can sit comfortably. Besides in case you have issues Mwananchi car financing comes in handy.

FE160 Crew Cab

The FE1670 is a strong vehicle and ideal for tasks such as landscaping and construction deliveries. The Mitsubishi canter fh for sale in Kenya comes with the V8 6.0l engine powered by gasoline. It saves you fuel and maintenance costs. The highly responsive steering ensures comfortable and solid control regardless of the terrain. It looks excellent on highways, city streets and still fits in remote areas. The interior is noise insulated, spacious, and upgraded. Besides, it has numerous safety features to keep the driver and the crew in case of an accident

FE180 Diesel

This canter model from Fuso has a two-stage diesel engine, which is turbocharged and has low emissions. The dual-clutch automatic transmission gives efficiency and high performance while on the road. The Mitsubishi canter 3 tonne is ideal for jobs with large loads, and the crew remains comfortable in the cab even when on long hauls. Besides, the dual-clutch makes it easy to drive this canter in cities and maneuver in heavy traffic jams.

FE180 Gas

Whether you are looking for a vehicle to transport, deliver or distribute goods, FE180 is an ideal choice. It is classified as class 5, meaning it’s a solid vehicle for handle heavy loads. The vehicle can carry up to 11,855 pounds. It also has a gasoline engine combined with Allison 1000TM Series six-speed automatic transmission.

The cab is spacious with features to protect the driver and passengers. It a power horse you can use in the city and remote areas.

FE160 Diesel

FE160 changes the movement of goods within your business. It is an excellent canter with a two-stage turbocharged diesel engine. The dual-clutch enable you to drive in both urban and rural areas.This 3 tonne Mitsubishi canter has low emission and is fuel-efficient. You can use it in any industry, but it is mostly used in the transport and construction industries.

FE160 Gas

This is a comfortable Mitsubishi canter 4d32 for sale that you can quickly get from Fuso. It has responsive steering, which makes driving easy regardless of the task. The V8 6.0l gasoline engine is more efficient than the diesel one. It can carry a load of up to 10,245 lbs. it is fast, and you can be sure to haul ahead of the others. The cab is noise-insulated and keeps the drive and crew comfortable while on long hauls.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mitsubishi Fuso canter?

A Mitsubishi Fuso canter is a light-duty commercial vehicle from Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks.

How much weight can a Mitsubishi canter carry?

A Mitsubishi canter with a single cab can carry up to 3.5 tonnes. It can have a wheelbase of 3,3000mm, 3,850mm, 2950mm, or 2,500mm. A double cab comes with 3,350mm and carries from 1265kg up to 1500kg and is an excellent Mitsubishi canter 2 ton.

Is Mitsubishi Fuso reliable?

Yes, Mitsubishi Fuso is reliable. It is fuel-efficient and low maintenance. Recent research carried out by National Lease revealed it costs 11% cheaper to maintain compared to Isuzu.

Does a Mitsubishi make a pick truck?

Yes, and it is called Mitsubishi Triton, and in some countries, they refer to it as L200.

Mitsubishi canter is an excellent way to grow your asset portfolio. Apply for canter financing from Mwananchi online and get up to 25,000,000 financing. Also, incase you possess one and need quick cash, contact our support for logbook loans. Mwananchi team is here to help you secure your future!

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