How Best to prepare your children for Back To School After a Long Holiday

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After long holidays, going back to school is always a big deal for both the parents and the children. It may seem daunting for the children to go back to school after having spent more time at home with their parents. Children may be overly excited or somehow worried regarding the new teachers, new subjects as well as meeting with their friends. Therefore, the days before the start of school again are usually stressful and very busy. 

Therefore, we have prepared some tips that are very useful in keeping you organized, creating routines as well as supporting your children to do their best at school.

1. Talking to the children

To prepare your child to go back to school, it is always a good idea to take time and talk with your child. The talk mainly should be on their expectations when they go back to school. You can talk to them about safety precautions they are supposed to take, other changes like the new teacher, the new subject or whether they will start to learn a new language or a new sport. The talk will be useful in preparing your child psychologically on what they will face when they go back to school.

2. Use a calendar

Children will be well prepared to go back to school if they can visually see when the school will start again. As a parent, it is a good idea to have them mark the date on the calendar with a colorful pen and hang it in their room.

3. Start their Sleeping routine early

It is very important for a parent to help the children to get back to the sleeping pattern that they had before the holidays started. The parent can introduce the school sleep routine two weeks before school starts so that it will be easy for children to wake up early. 

4. Shopping for Back-to-School

Shopping For Back-To-School

The parent is required to pick a date when they van go hopping with their children. The date needs to be well set and organized in advance so that it can be a relaxing experience to carry out the shopping. Engaging the children in choosing their own school supplies, backpack, clothes, and even lunchboxes will help them to be prepared as well as increase their excitement about going back to school and using the new things. 

5. Making the unknown environment more familiar 

At times, children are very much worried about starting their school in a new environment. This may include being taught by new teachers as well as having a new classroom. To help the child overcome this worry, the parent can ask the school if it is possible to take the child on a tour. The child will be in a position to see the new classroom as well as meet with the new teachers. This will help the child to familiarize with the new environment. The parent can as well discuss with the child on the positive aspects at the schools which may include the activities that they love and their favorite subjects.

6. Preparing the lunchboxes and keeping them easy

Through various studies, it has been identified that those children who take breakfast are able to function better at school since they have more energy. It is a good idea to as the child in advance the health food they want to take to school. You can pack in their lunchbox their favorite fruits or vegetables as well as a healthy sandwich. If it’s possible, the parent can have a look at the school’s cafeteria to see if they have healthy options of snacks options.

7. Find a ‘go-to-school friend’

Go-To-School Friend

You can ask the parents of the children who are in the neighborhood and they go to the same school as your child if they can walk or take the bus together. This will help the children to have fun on their way home as well as share their worries. It will also be useful in making them feel more comfortable when going back to school. 

8. Talk about homework

A child will have more fun t school if they understand the topics that are being taught. Good and quality homework will be very helpful to the child in understanding the topic as well as achieving good grades. It’s very important for the parent to review the place where their child does their homework to ensure that it is quite enough. The place should also be spacious ad with minimal distraction. Moreso, the parent’s should think about the activities as well as the usage of the TV and internet in the house. Allow your child to have enough time to do their homework. 

9. Assure the kids that you care for them

The parent can put a note on their lunchbox when getting their lunch or snack to make them know that you truly care about them. This will help them know that you think about them during the day when they are away.

10. Child care after school

The parent should always be at home to help the child in their preparation to go to school in the morning as well as supervise them when they return. If this is not possible, the parent should let the children know that they need to listen as well as follow the rules of the adult who is supervising them.

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