Matatu Loans Financing In Kenya

Matatu Loans And Financing In Kenya

Women in the Business World

Our major purpose as we enter into the year 2022, is to assist women, particularly businesswomen, in recovering from the devastating economic repercussions of the Covid-19 epidemic. As the Mwananchi Credit, we are giving 80% car financing to the ladies in the entrepreneurial world who want to see their dream come true. Car ownership symbolizes a rise in social status, and so we would want to be the ones who encourage you to accomplish it.

Mwananchi Credit Matatu Loans

Mwananchi Credit has introduced a new type of loan known as Matatu Loans. This product is to help common mwananchi to acquire a matatu with us and payback in small instalments as it earns you money. The matatu industry in Kenya is a big deal and the few Kenyans who are in it are reaping big. With our matatu financing program, your dreams are valid, we are just a call away! We are providing a financing solution of up to 80% of the value of the Matatu at the lowest interest you can’t get anywhere else in Kenya.

We understand that It’s never been simple to get a matatu loan in Kenya. Mwananchi is around to solve problems and make the safest alternative possible and take care of all the hassle for oneself.  The following are several reasons if you might think about working with us:

  • Mwananchi Credit makes available, quick, and hassle-free automotive financing.
  • Substantial Vehicle Financing Lender Amounts in Kenya 
  • Obtain Speedy Car / Matatu Financing
  • Most Models Of Autos Largely funded 
  • Fast Approval 
  • Extended Reimbursement Durations

Asset Financing Loans

We are also here to help women come up with new business ideas, such as getting a large vehicle, a car for Uber, or any other purpose such as transporting goods and products by going to a car lot shop. New vehicle ownership can also be made available with 80% financing on food trucks which are arising assets in a few towns. Should you need to purchase a car but don’t have adequate money, auto financing is a great choice.

Auto loans have become the only option for folks who want to acquire a car but don’t have enough money. This is due to the fact that in Kenya, a variety of banking institutions and private lenders offer quick vehicle finance. Borrowers obtain the finest vehicle finance options from trustworthy lenders at low-interest rates and flexible repayment schedules, regardless of car brands, models, year of manufacture, or dealer. 

Matatus Saccos

Matatu Loans And Financing In Kenya

Regardless of the fact that the Covid-19 epidemic has driven the matatu company to the brink of collapse due to constrained travel and stringent interpersonal distance restrictions, there really is no doubting that it is operating. The matatu culture in Kenya has really thrived especially with the rampant increase of youths moving to towns to search for jobs to raise their living standards. Mwananchi Credit is offering logbook loans to all matatu SACCOs as long as they have comprehensive insurance. 

Matatu Logbook Loans

Bookkeeping loans ‘also known as logbook loans’ are lines of credit that employ the collateral of your automobile to have acquired a proper bridge loan. Typically financing organizations extend credit as minimal as 30% of the car’s worth, however, Mwananchi Credit strategies organize to 90% of the car sales price. Auto owners in Kenya may obtain rapid cash with decent car log loans. 

These loans, like other commercial debt, come with unique bond yields ranging from as low as 1.5 per cent depending on the payment schedule and sum leased. A logbook loan is an excellent choice if you need immediate cash and want to use your car as collateral. The maximum repayment period is 24 months. 

Logbook Loans Requirements

  • Original logbook for an automobile or motorcycle
  • The applicant’s KRA PIN
  • The applicant’s original national ID card
  • two passport-sized photographs
  • Bank statement for six months
  • Coverage under a comprehensive insurance certificate

Nganya Business Loans

The application of art and design on matatus and nganyas gained limelight. The inventiveness of such automobiles industry gives them a popular attraction as well as a preference of many young people around the country. Notwithstanding their often costly prices, they are regarded as more beneficial than the majority of their matatu competitors. Nevertheless, in order for any of them to earn more than a conventional matatu, you must invest heavily in customizing it.

The Mwananchi Credit is here to save the Nganya and matatu businesses a deal. With all the running costs and capital costs to cover up for the graphic art design mostly on nganyas car financing loans will come in handy. The following requirements for car financing:

  • Six months and certified bank statement
  • KRA and ID copy of the applicant
  • Passport photographs
  • Sale agreement
  • Proforma invoice

Mwananchi Credit Logbook and Car Financing Loans

At Mwananchi Credit, we specialise in providing Logbook loans in Kenya at low rates that must be repaid within the given time frame. Contact us if you need logbook loans in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, as well as any place else in Kenya.

The majority of Kenyans believe that vehicle finance is an excellent way to purchase cars while paying it back them within the time-frame indicated. Nonetheless, it is essential that you get acquainted with this loan kind and how to apply for it. Mwananchi Credit offers the finest vehicle loans or credit rates in Kenya. What are you waiting for apply now!

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